Pumpkin Patch Picking in the Poconos 2010

Pumpkin Picking at Klingels in the Poconos

So last year pumpkin picking wasn’t really available due to the wet weather.  By the time we decided to get pumpkins all we could find were “pre-picked” pumpkins in patches.  They weren’t really available off the vine and although a pumpkin is a pumpkin, there is something truly special about being able to actually grab it off the vine.

This year though pumpkin picking is in full swing!  We have 2 little ones so it’s not only fun but a good educational experience where they can actually see “where pumpkins come from”.  In today’s world of convenience it’s so much easier to grab everything at a store – but there’s something really fun about being able to go right to the source.

It’s a fun time and pumpkin picking in the Poconos is a great way to kick off fall and get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays.  The changing of the leaves right now is beautiful and the weather is fluctuating between on the cooler side to almost cold but it’s perfect fall weather.

The closest “in the Poconos” are probably Klingels / Mazezilla and the Inn at Pocono Manor.  PLEASE check their websites and/or call for details to make sure that the locations are open on the day you plan to go.


Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Pumpkin Patch is located Just Outside The Entrance To Mazezilla’s Maze. Come visit for a day, afternoon, or evening of affordable family fun!

We are open from September 19th through November 1st.

Hayride To And From The Pumpkin Patch

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Pet Farm Animals

Bring Your Camera!

The Inn at Pocono Manor

Fun for all ages!! Jump on our hay wagon (pulled by our beautiful Belgium horses, totaling more than 2 tons) and take a ride through our beautiful woods.

Cost is $13 and includes 1 pumpkin or $10 for ride only.

Every Saturday & Sunday in October from Noon to 4pm

Old Homestead(in Leighton):

Open Saturdays & Sundays beginning September 25th & every weekend in October,
including Columbus Day, Monday, October 11th
10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Pick your favorite pumpkin right in the field, then have some more fun throughout the day as you enjoy:

* Horse-Drawn Hayrides
* Tractor-Drawn 2 Mile Long Hayride
* Our famous “Pumpkin Launcher”
* Farm animals
* Kiddie rides
* Pony rides

And at our farm-stand, you’ll find refreshments, fresh apple cider, mums, cornstalks, ornamental corn, gourds, and other fun seasonal decorations.

Donaldson Farms (NJ)

Pick-Your-Own-Pumpkins, Gourds and Indian Corn

Starting Sept. 25, 2010
Open daily 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Pumpkin picking at Donaldson Farms has become a long standing tradition for many families and friends. We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to welcome our first time visitors!

Pick your own pumpkins any day of the week. On weekdays, you are welcome to grab a wheelbarrow and walk to our fields to pick your own Pumpkins, Gourds and Indian Corn. On weekends and Columbus Day, you can take a Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We take great pride in our farm – please be respectful while visiting. As courtesy to our customers we kindly ask that you leave your pets at home.

Enjoy your visit!

Strawberry Acres(near Allentown)

Pumpkins      ~       Beginning September 25
We will be offering pick-your-own Golden Delicious apples  today, and  our pumpkin patch is also open for you to pick pumpkins!

* This page will be updated at the close of every
day during picking season.

Pumpkin Picking at Klingels Farm

This year we decided to head to Klingels to do pumpkin picking.  When you first arrive there is an area up top (see above picture) where if you want you can buy pumpkins right there, as well as mums, cider and other fall products.

If you’re looking to do the corn maze, pumpkin picking, visit the animals or do kid activities then you will need to stand in line and wait for a tractor/hayride that will take you to the bottom.  It is free to take the ride down (some have benches on either side with hay in the middle, others have just one bench and the other side everyone is seated in the hay).

Once you’re down at the bottom you can either head to the pumpkin patch – they provide little flat carts to tote your pumpkins, you could head into the corn maze, do some pumpkin slinging(additional cost), there are also “slides” made out of large tubes for the kids, farm animals for the kids to pet and hay they can jump in.

If you’re pumpkin picking they are available right off the vine, some are already picked and waiting in the field.

Although the staff helped us get our pumpkins onto and off of the hayride it was still a bit cumbersome trying to carry 5 pumpkins on and off with 2 kids in tow and a stroller.  So if the grandparents or other family is available for helping hands be sure to invite them if you plan on getting a lot of pumpkins!

Wherever you decide to head this year be sure to call ahead, plan accordingly and have fun!

If you’re into maze’s I have yet to try Mazezilla but it looks like a lot of fun!


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