2008 Gas prices in the Poconos

But first a quick weather update – it had been beautiful the past couple of weeks hovering in the high 70s, this week though, and supposedly for the next few days, its been getting down into the low 40s with pretty much full time rain.  The silver lining is that this weekend looks to be clear and sunny getting up to about 80 so rest assured the dreary weather will pass quickly!

Gas Prices
Currently gas is averaging about $3.79 a gallon – its been rising steadily 10 cents every few weeks and I’m sure its going to reach $4 a gallon by summer.  They’ll show national averages and although we’re not the top from what I see, we’re definitely up there.  With New Jersey so close I’ve heard of many people taking the extra couple miles to head over there where prices not only are cheaper, but they pump your gas for free! 

Transportation Alternatives
There aren’t too many alternatives when it comes to transportation in the Poconos but there are a few: The Monroe County Transit Authority better known as the Pocono Pony which is our local bus transportation and Pocono Cab Company.  I can’t say if either one is cheaper or more convenient but they are alternatives.  My best advice is carpool if you can, for the slight inconvenience the money that you’ll save is probably well worth it.  The Pocono Commuter Club is a non-profit organization for Pocono commuters that provides information, support and advice for anyone commuting to or from the Poconos.

The Train?
Good luck holding your breath on that one – its been many years coming, and I’m sure still many more will pass until we see it.  When it does finally spring into place I think it will not only be a great resource for commuters but for vacationers and reducing congestion in the area in general. 

If constantly increasing gas prices wasn’t worrysome enough the possibility of tolls on 80 becomes more of a reality as the days pass.  An article today on PoconoRecord.com solidifys commuters fears that one way or another there are going to be additional charges in the near future.

Electric Increase
And finally…on top of everything else I recently heard news that PPL Electric Utilities prices may increase by up to 34% once they are deregulated in 2010.  34% are you kidding me?

Whether this recession, or lack there of, ends soon or not with other potential increases in the Poconos and surrounding areas looming its a good time to start planning ahead and saving some additional money if its available.